The purposes of the workshops were to present and critically approach the Quality Assurance (QA) concept and the accreditation processes in Higher Education (HE).

To that extent, the accreditation process in both the Greek and the Spanish HE systems were presented on the basis of specific examples of accredited programmes of HE studies in both countries.

The QA process in Nepali HE was used by way of example in order to identify similarities and differences between the European and the Asian QA systems in HE. Moreover, the crucial issue of the development of a quality culture that ensures the sustainability of quality and accreditation processes at the national and institutional levels was also presented by the London Metropolitan University. Emphasis was also given to the role of Quality Assurance Units (QAUs) regarding curriculum design as well as to the process of specifying knowledge, skills, competences and learning outcomes of the study programmes and modules offered.

The accreditation processes of all Asian partners were presented and discussed in the light of the respective European processes. The revised strategic plan for the development of QA processes and QAUs was also discussed.

In the context of the steering committee meeting, the future actions of the project – the organisation of the interim conference and the final conference in India as well as the steering committee in Spain, the arrangement of dissemination activities, and financial issues – were discussed.

The third workshop was held from 17th to 18th December and the fourth workshop from 19th to 20th of December. The steering committee took place on 21st December.

The events involved up to 38 participants from the 9 European and Asian participating institutions.