The academic council of ICTI along with the Telecommunication Engineering Department including the Head of QA Cell meet and discussed the evaluation of the TCE Program according to the guideline provided by the EQASA Project Coordinator.


1. TCE Department Evaluation
2. Provision Feedback from Students
3. Provision of Feedback from The Stakeholders Meeting
4. Highlights of the EQASA Guideline in regard to Program Evaluation
5. Highlights of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) guidelines in regard to Program and Institution Evaluation
• Phases of the Evaluation Program of TCE
• Purpose and scope of the evaluation
• Review: Program objectives, Program goals, Strategic plans, needs assessments that have been conducted, Inquiries and priorities from an advisory council, The mission statement of ICTI,
• Do local employers think our students are prepared for the world of work?
• To what extent do teachers incorporate career development activities as part of their classroom instruction?
• Do our students contribute to society in a positive way after graduation?
• Does the career class help students improve their career maturity?
• How successful is our career guidance program in preparing students to use positive social skills with their friends, family and co-workers?
• Design Evaluation
• Data Collection and its method
• Analyse Data
• Assign team document findings
• Disseminate Findings
• Feedback to Program Improvement
6. Tasks to be given
7. Deadlines