1. The theme and Purposes of the 3rd and 4th training workshops of the EQASA project – Nepal were explained by Assist.Prof Ahmad Najim Noorzad.
2. The vice chancellor of Mili Institute of Higher Education Professor Mehran has illustrated the Quality Assurance related activities. According to him, the Mili Institute of Higher Education is evaluated by a team from Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Ministry of Public Health appointed by the Presedent of Afghanistan. As a result, by obtaining 52 number out of 100 the Mili Institute of Higher Education ranked as a poor university.
3. Assist.Prof Ahmad Najim Noorzad describes the complete process of the Afghanistan accreditation system. He has focused on the first and second stage of candidacy indicators, provides valuable guidance and respond to the related questions.
4. Finally, Assist.Prof Ahmad Najim Noorzad described the purpose of Academic Program Review and the related policies determined by the MoHE.